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GUN SAFE MOVING: Go King Moving and Storage Inc. has an entire division dedicated strictly to gun safe moving and large safe moves.  We have specialty equipment to handle even the toughest and furthest moves. We use that same equipment to move large appliances, move ATM Machines, move Vending Machines, move soda machines and move Vaults.

Don’t tackle a gun safe move, large safe move, ATM Move, Vending Machine Move, Large Appliance Move or large loaded file cabinet move by yourself. Use professional Gun Safe Moving Companies like Go KIng Mover Inc. Your two big concerns are physical injury and damage to the heavy item you are moving. When moving a gun safe or moving a large safe it is relatively easy to damage the door which in turn damages the locking mechanism. This can make the safe completely inoperable.

Your final damage concern is damage to your home. When moving a safe or oversized item you really need to prepare and protect the entire path you plan on using. That includes protecting the floors, walls, steps, landings, and banisters. There are specialized materials that moving companies have created and refined over the years that must be used to protect you most valuable possession, your home. Without these I can guarantee you that you will cause some sort of damage. The cost to repair the damage will most likely exceed what it would have cost to use a professional safe moving company here in Colorado.

At Go KIng Mover Inc. we use the state of the art Safe Moving Dolly made by Ultra Lift. Our safe teams have been trained by the best in the industry. They constantly update their training directly with the top Safe manufacturers across the country. With our experience and top of the line equipment we guarantee you a stress free seamless safe move.

Make sure that your moving company choice is: Licensed with the PUC, Licensed with the DOT, and Insured. When you use Go King Mover Inc. you can rest assured that you get all of the above and that our trucks are monitored 100% of the time with GPS while transporting your Gun Safe, Large Safe, Vault, ATM, Vending Machine, or large appliance.

Call us TODAY for your Free No Obligation Gun Safe Moving, Large Safe Moving, Vending Machine Moving, ATM Moving, or Vault Moving, Quote! 303.751.6715, 303.751.7714, 800.828.7219

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